Your face read like a glare
In the windshield glass
As I turned at the corner
Of mourning and daybreak
The oncoming traffic lost
In the blinding intersection
Of flustered distraction
Until the collision
Jarred my naive sense of balance
From the front seat
And left
Facedown and bleeding
Onto the asphalt
Two hundred feet further
Down the road

Actions Speak Louder Than Political Campaigns And Televangelists (originally posted 10/26/12)

Religion and its role in society is, without doubt, a hot button issue in political campaigns in and out of election season. Pundits, presidential candidates, and bible belt Sunday school teachers all passionately wave their flags and shake their fists in support of their views on topics like abortion, homosexuality, and the economy. To many, God is a campaign strategy.

Likewise, preachers, from back country Baptist churches to ornately robed Catholic priests conducting mass, never miss an opportunity to turn their flock upside down and shake them to see what kind of pocket change they might be able to gather from the floor. Many are sincere, but, to many more, God is a source of income.

The part of religion that doesn’t get the attention is the part that is the purest. It doesn’t benefit anyone’s political campaign and it won’t help pay the mortgage on the new multimillion dollar mega church that a congregation finds itself in debt for. But, it can make a world of difference. It is as uncontroversial as it is important:

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” -James 1:27

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” –Matthew 25:40

Mark Stuart

Mark Stuart – Original lead singer of Audio Adrenaline and current director of The Hands & Feet Project

Christian music band Audio Adrenaline started a non-profit organization called Hands & Feet in 2004 as a means of providing long-term, family style homes and care to orphans in Haiti. The project is the physical manifestation of the song by the same name that was released on their 1999 album UNDERDOG. Currently they have two homes set up in Jacmel and Grand Goave, Haiti providing for the needs of approximately 100 children and they have a goal of being able to accommodate 1000 orphans by 2016.

Because of lead singer Mark Stuart’s vocal issues, Audio Adrenaline disbanded in 2007. Now, however, original founding member

Will McGinniss, in cooperation with Mark Stuart who is working behind the scenes, has assembled a fresh, thrilling line-up, including dcTalk member Kevin Max as lead singer, to join him in putting out a new album and tour in order to raise awareness and support for the Hands & Feet Project. Proceeds will benefit the orphans being cared for as part of the Hands & Feet Project in Haiti.


Kevin Max – Audio Adrenaline’s new lead singer

As a long-time Kevin Max fan, this news is extremely exciting to me, but, as a Christian, I am even more excited and enthused about the purpose and focus that the new music and the tour will have. Because of the initiative being taken by all involved with Audio Adrenaline and the Hands & Feet Project, orphaned Haitian children will benefit from the love of Christians, just as Christ intends.

At a time when it is easy to label yourself as a Republican or a Democrat and, in doing so, draw lines in the sand that do little to fulfill the directive so clearly given to us in the bible, the work of Hands & Feet is work that, as Christians, we should all be able to identify with and take part in.

Please consider donating to the Hands & Feet Project, sponsoring a child, or even taking a short-term mission trip to help care for the orphans of the Hands & Feet Project and, by caring for “the least of these,” experience the pure blessing that comes from serving Christ Himself.

Audio Adrenaline will headline the KINGS & QUEENS tour in spring 2013. Support the Hands & Feet Project and get the new single by downloading it from iTunes.


I’m trying
To count the grace
You’ve granted
When I pray
Forgive me
If I
Whilst attempting to
To the
Of the
Easy yoke
You set upon me
In place of
The nauseating
That bled me
Nearly dry
With each
Defiant step
I took

Matthew 11:28-30


I wrote the following poem about a month ago with a very clear and personal interpretation taking shape as I typed each word and to me that very personal narrative is still very strong. It is one of hope and grace and motion. Now, though, I have the privilege of watching those same notions materialize in other places and in the lives of other people around me. I’d like to dedicate this poem to a friend who continues to inspire me on multiple levels as his life continues to unfold as an amazing and very tangible testament to God’s grace and the wonderful way in which my Abba has chosen to weave it through the stories of those who leave themselves open to His hope.

The call resounding
An echo returning
The claim He staked on me
Catacombs filling within
Even their walls soon yielding
To the lightless’ unbinding
His grace like the sea
A rolling tide within
Destroying my frailties
The resentment
The fear
The jealousy
My measured love
To be more
To be His

for K